Frequently Asked Questions

What can you help me with?
We can help you with any kind of web/mobile software development, Shopify solutions and design.
How do I work with you?
You can choose to hire a team to do a fixed-cost project or you can hire individual resources on part-time and full-time basis.
What technologies do you specialize in?
E-commerce: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Headless Ecommerce and Spree. Frontend: Angular JS, React JS, React Native, Vue JS, Gatsby, Next JS, Android, iOS and Flutter. Backend: Node JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, DotNet, Laravel, Nest, Express, CodeIgniter and Serverless. Dev Ops: Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Azure and CI/CD.
What do I need to know before contacting you?
All the features and functionalities that you want to have in your website/app.
How much do you charge for software development?
We charge market-competitive prices which are quoted to the customer during the preliminary call.
How much do you charge for design?
We charge market-competitive prices which are quoted to the customer during the preliminary call.
How do you guarantee quality?
Our work goes through extensive quality assurance, manual and automated, before the product is delivered to the client. We only collect the final payment after the client is fully satisfied with our work.
How can I test your skills before working with you?
You can put our resources through extensive evaluation, both through interviews and test assignments. You will only pay for their time if you decide to hire them.
Why should I work with you?
Our prices are competitive and the turn-around time is exceptional; there’s complete transparency, round-the-clock visibility and post-delivery warranty.
Why should I hire remotely instead of hiring resources in-house?
It’ll cost you less and since the resources will align their timings with yours and plan their work as per your convenience, it would be exactly like having an in-house employee, only better.
Why should I work with an agency rather than a freelancer?
An agency provides you one resource with a team of multiple professionals behind them. Scaling up your project is much easier and efficient with an agency than a freelancer. An agency can fulfill a diverse set of needs from design to development.

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